Tie-dye is having a moment.  

Hey! I'm Polly, Indy's Mum and founder of House of Indy. We are a toddler tie-dye t-shirt brand inspired by my daughter and my love and passion for tie-dye, creativity and expression through fashion.   

I spent a lot of my childhood days growing up on the beaches of Florida and seeing the boardwalk shops flooded with spiral tie-dyes that caught my imagination. I loved the fusion of bright colours, the patterns, the super cool vibes that tie-dye holds so richly. I fell in love with the feeling when wearing tie-dye.

For me, not only does tie-dye take me to a warm and happy place but it represents individuality and creativity. A symbol for free-spirits dating back to the 60s. As well as being fun, unique and nostalgic, it can be comfortable and casual. Colourful, crazy and chill.  

It continues to be a staple in my wardrobe and even to this day my favourite look is what I like to call 'classic beach bum chic'. An oversized tie-dye t-shirt, bikini underneath and a pair of checkerboards. 

Tie-dye is one of the many ways I use style to boost my mood. Whether I’m on the beach, at a festival, in the gym, out for a coffee, at a party or having a lazy day at home. It quite simply makes me smile and I hope it gives my daughter the same feeling when she wears it. 

I'm so excited to share my House of Indy tees with you and your minis. I hope they bring you as much joy as they do me. 

House of Indy t-shirts are one of a kind!  

We are a small business made with love and lots of paint!   

I have worked with the brilliant people at Retro Ink closely on samples and colours to create House of Indy's first ever tie-dye pattern drop.   

Every single t-shirt from the House of Indy range is unique. Each garment is handmade in the UK with original artwork designed by myself.